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Centrally-Scheduled Classrooms

Key Resources Contact Info

Availability (573) 882-7881 (Office of the Registrar)
Scheduling and seating in centrally scheduled classrooms.
Visit 25Live for specific room availability.

Audio/Visual Technology (573) 882-6703 (Academic Support Center)
Report AV equipment problems in centrally scheduled classrooms.

Network and Wireless (573) 882-5000 (Department of Information Technology)
Contact for network or wireless access or issues.

Educational Technology (573) 882-3303 (Educational Technologies)
Contact for information about educational technology, such as Canvas or Panopto.

Maintenance or Custodial (573) 882-8211 (Campus Facilities)
Maintenance or custodial concerns in centrally scheduled classrooms.

Locations Info Listed by Building

Agriculture Building

Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources Building

Arts & Science Building

Cornell Hall

Crowder Hall

Eckles Hall

Ellis Library

Geological Sciences Building

Gwynn Hall

Hawthorn Hall

Hill Hall

Lafferre Hall

Lefevre Hall

Mathematical Sciences Building

McKee Gymnasium

Memorial Student Union

Middlebush Hall

Mumford Hall

Naka Hall

Neff Hall

Pershing Commons

Physics Building

Rollins Commons

Schlundt Hall

Schweitzer Hall

Stanley Hall

Stewart Hall

Strickland Hall

Swallow Hall

Switzler Hall

Tate Hall

Tucker Hall

Walter Williams

Waters Hall

Instructional Videos

Updated: March 21, 2019

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