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The Academic Support Center encourages comments from our clients. We know our clients are the best source of information about the quality of services we provide and we hope you will share your thoughts with us:
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Past Comments
Here are some of the opinions we've received in the past:

A professor in the department of political science:
I very much appreciate the courteous, thoughtful and efficient service throughout your organization; from the top to the bottom.

A client in the school of natural resources:
The work done for us was extremely well done and it was on time. We were quite pleased with the results...

A client in the department of industrial engineering:
You were helpful, friendly & efficient.

On work done for an MU administrative unit:
You all are the best! Even when I come whining about some late project, or a rush...you patiently push it through on time. [They] nearly always surprised me with their speed.

A professor of agronomy:
I was fully satisfied with the job done. Keep up the good work.

A client in the department of music:
ASC personnel...have been consistently helpful and pleasant, and we have received the needed equipment both when and where we need it.

A client from the college of business:
...most responsive and efficient.

A client in admissions/registration:
All efforts put forth in developing PowerPoint® presentation were of high quality as was the final product.

A staff member in alumni relations:
Great - very customer oriented.

A program coordinator for cooperative extension:
Your patience and understanding working with me during a difficult scheduling period was...greatly appreciated. During the process I always felt that you had my best interest in mind, which was evident when I received friendly reminders about the wo rk in progress. And, to make the situation even more positive, you came in under the "budget" that we had rather arbitrarily set! So you now have one very satisfied client - great people providing great service makes for a great job.... .

An associate professor in the school of natural resources:
Friendly, courteous service, quick turnaround time on slides...

A client in sports information:
I am very happy with the work done by the Academic Support Center.... I have never had a problem with turn-around and their creativity is remarkable.

A client in the school of social work:
[Your] on-line catalog is great...people are always courteous and helpful, even when the place is extremely busy.

A client in engineering extension:
I'm very pleased with the folders and brochure -- We had numerous compliments on them...

A staff member in german & russian studies:
Always very helpful. The staff...are so very cheerful and pleasant to work with!

A client in alumni relations commenting on an ASC staff member:
His work was very professional and he was very cooperative in helping me meet my goal...It was my pleasure to work with people who appreciate my job..

A client in Tucson, Arizona:
It's an extremely valuable and fast service. I was really happy...

A client at Stephens College:
Very good services. They are able to fill our requests without a problem. Everyone is friendly and polite.

A client in the school of natural resources:
Continued excellent customer service and products... Quality products often produced with little lead time.

A student at Columbia College:
I attend evening college at Columbia College. I have had presentations in many of my courses, for which films came in handy. Your films have been excellent in teaching on my subjects.

An associate professor in fisheries & wildlife:
I'm very pleased with the quality of service and expertise...

A client in cardiopulmonary & diagnostic sciences:
The job was completed in a short turn around time and done well. I was pleased with the project.

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