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Use Information

The Language Resource Lab is available to students engaged in language learning activities. It includes facilities for language faculty members who wish to include a digital classroom component in their courses, or to augment instruction with CD-ROM or video components.

University computing facilities are to be used efficiently and only for instructional and academic purposes. Everyone should be aware that abuse of the system (accessing private files, attempting to breach the security system, copying right-protected software, etc.) could result in loss of computing privileges and criminal prosecution when appropriate.

General Rules
  1. No food or drink in bottles without screw-top lids in the Language Resource Lab.
  2. Persons using cellular phones should exit the lab during the period of the phone conversation.
  3. Students and faculty engaged in language learning activities receive first priority in using the lab.
  4. Faculty members and their scheduled classes receive first priority in rooms 39 and 40; when classes aren't using the rooms, use is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. Computer and video carrel use is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis in room 36.
  6. No outside paper or envelopes in the printer.
  7. Break printouts into 10-page blocks.
  8. Report all printer and computer maintenance problems to a lab employee.
  9. No game playing.
  10. Use headphones when listening to music or using multimedia programs.
  11. Log out after using a computer.
  12. Be considerate of other users.
MU prohibits use of its resources, regardless of medium:
  • for any illegal activity;
  • for plagiarism, cheating or any other activities contrary to University of Missouri Rules and Regulations;
  • for harassment or intimidation;
  • for commercial profit;
  • for promotion of political or religious agendas except in public debate (such as a public Usenet News or Listserv forum) or with written authorization per Collected Rules &. Regulations of the University of Missouri, Section 110.010 (additional conflict of interest laws and policies, and requirements of disclaimers may apply);
  • for publishing obscene, pornographic, or indecent materials;
  • for chain letters;
  • for unauthorized copying or distribution of text, images, sounds, software or other data including licensed software or copyrighted data otherwise accessible for use;
  • for wasteful activities;
  • for activities that place people or equipment at significant physical risk (including exposed electrical connections, ionizing radiation, heat, food or drink in a public computing site).

All users must have a valid Faculty, Staff, or Student PawPrint to log on and use the machines.

If you need to create, change, or recover a password, just go to myZou and follow the instructions.


Be sure to log out when leaving any lab computer. If you don't log out, the next student who uses the computer will have your profile and can access your e-mail.

Call (573) 882-2857 for scheduling/information and assistance.

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